automated gates systems

Installing automated gates enhances the security of your property, whilst also increasing the value and curb appeal of your home. 

There are five main systems available: Underground system, arm actuating system, compass or articulating system, sliding gates, and automation of existing gates. 

Each has their pros and cons, but you’ll usually find one more suitable than the rest. 

Types of Automated Gates

The type of automated gate system you choose will depend on what you want out of the system. 

For those wanting to feel more secure in their home an underground system may be best as they are harder to tamper with. Those wanting an economical system may prefer the arm actuating system

The type of gate may also depend on your driveway, as those with a steep driveway will benefit from sliding gates to prevent damage to both your drive and gate.

Underground System

Underground systems are particularly popular due to their sleek look. 

Underground systems

A motor unit is hidden away underground, meaning the use of arms and other mechanical features are not required.

With an underground system, your gates will open up to 180 degrees (which isn’t possible with other styles), giving you adequate space to manoeuvre around. 

On top of this, as the motor is underground it cannot be easily tampered with, giving you complete peace of mind whether you’re home or away.

Due to the large space needed to open, underground systems may not be beneficial to those with smaller driveways. You may want to consider a sliding automated gate instead, as these will not reduce the space of your drive. 

Arm Actuating System 

Unlike the underground system, the arm actuating system works by using motorised arms which are bolted onto the gate. 

Operation of systems

Gates with automated arms reduce the ability to open as wide as other models, however the arm actuating system still opens to 115 degrees. 

The arms on the arm actuating system are fitted to the pillar’s edge in order for the gate to open to its maximum. 

This style is a great option for those who want their automated gate to be economical. 

Compass or articulating system

Compass or articulating system gave are designed to be as sleek as possible, and cannot be seen from entry.

Compass or articulating arm systems

The system itself works in a similar way to the arm actuating system, as arms are bolted on to your gate. 

However, with this system the arms can be fitted on the inside of the pillar without restricting your automated gates ability to open. 

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates

For an automated system without arms, sliding gates are a good option as they open left-to-right rather than up-and-down. 

This makes them perfect for those with a small or steep driveway as they won’t take up room whilst open or catch on the floor. 

Sliding gates can either operate on a tracked or cantilever system, with both types of track needing adequate room either side for the gate to open – usually around a third longer than the opening.  

Automation of Existing Gates

If you already have traditional gates installed, it is more than likely that your existing gates can be motorised. 

Existing gates can be motorised by adding gate openers onto them. Avoiding unnecessary expenses whilst achieving the same luxurious feel of automated gates.

Just be aware it can decrease the life expectancy of some materials such as timber due to the added stress, so in some cases new automated gates is the best option. 

Safety Features 

The safety of you and your family is important when using automated gates. You should always check your automated gates have the necessary safety features included should something go wrong. 

Some of the safety features that can be installed with your gate include: 

  • Photo-Cells – Also known as safety beams, photo-cells will prevent the gate from closing if the beam is broken.
  • Crush Pads – Crush Pads should be considered for sliding gates.
  • Force Torque – This is usually set by the installer upon installation and should be checked when the gates are serviced.
  • Anti-Clutches – All systems installed by CGA Gates will feature an anti-clutch to ensure all safety measures are met.

Operating Systems

Operating systems refers to how you are able to control your gate. Here at CG Gates, we offer a wide range of operating systems. 

All of our automated gates come with two key fobs for easy access to your property. 

The key fobs work up to 35mm away from your gate, and make getting in and out of our property easy. 

Key fob transmitters

There’s an array of other access control systems for our automated gates including: 

  • Keypad
  • In car transponder
  • Card Swipe
  • Underground loop detectors
  • Intercom

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us. A member of our team will be able to advise what would best suit your property and needs.