Automated Gates & Electric Gate Automation

Automated Gates

Many years of experience with automated gates gives us the reliability and peace of mind that only comes with quality components and expert workmanship, which is guaranteed when you work with us.

We offer full after sales services for all of our automated gates, including comprehensive gate maintenance and gate repair services should you ever need them. We can advise and install the appropriate security gates system to make your life as secure and easy as you could want.

Automated & Electric systems

Underground systems

The most aesthetically pleasing system for the more discerning customer, as the name suggests, all motor drive units are hidden underground. These systems are more secure as it is harder to tamper with.

Systems can be made to run to 180° where necessary.

Arm actuating systems

In this method arms are bolted to the inside of the gates, this type of automation can operate gates to a 115° max. This is more economical than underground, the main disadvantage being due to the hinges and lever geometry gates fitted to large pillars near to pillar edge.

Compass or articulating arm systems

Unlike arm type positioning of the actuator, this type of automation is less critical if the actuator is positioned on the inside of the pillar. From the outside, virtually nothing of the automation can be seen.

Sliding gates

Particular attention must be given to safety consideration when sliding gates are to be installed. This type of automation is very useful when driveways rise steeply. Sliding gates can be sub-divided into two types; Tracked (when the gate runs on a track similar to a small train track, usually fixed to an RSJ, concreted into the ground) and cantilever type. In this case the gate must be one third longer than the opening and no track is required over the opening.

Power type

Automated gates can be further divided by power type. 240 volt motored are the most economical, when installed correctly present no hazards. 24 volt motors offer more safety features which are no more expensive and more suited to heavy duty applications. Hydraulic motors for swing gates offer the best longevity of all the gate automation systems and are particularly suited to multiple dwellings available in underground and arm type.

Automation of existing gates

Most existing gates can be automated so please don’t hesitate to call for advice.

Key fob transmitters

Two key fob transmitters are provided as standard to all our systems. Any additional are available. Key fobs will operate remotely up to 35 meters.

Access control equipment

Various access controls are available, 0-9 keypad, in-car transponder, swipe cards, underground loop detector senses the vehicle above and opened the gate, usually positioned inside the property, very useful for multiple dwellings. Intercom with video link allows visitors to communicate with property occupants and identify themselves before the gates are opened from inside the house.

Operation of systems

All types of auto gates can be made to operate remotely. The control panels can be programmed to operate the opening and closing of the gates to suit the individual application.


All gates will be fitted with at least one pair of photo-cells (safety beams) which prevent the gates from closing when the beams is broken. Two pairs in the case of sliding gates and crush pads should also be considered. All systems we use feature adjustable anti clutches. The amount of force depends on the size and type of gate, the force torque will be set be us on installation and tested at serviced intervals.

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